Algorigin : A quality spirulina

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Algorigin the Switzerland specialist of micro-alga

Produced in exceptional cultivating site, the Algorigin spirulina is made from know how and from a manufacturing process that is 100% Swiss made. This technique lets us offer quality products that conserve all their active components, without any loss or deterioration. The Algorigin products are unique thanks to their quality and their bioavailability.


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 Benefits of Spirulina


Spirulina : Andean Blue-Green

Spirulina is a micro-algae cultivated in freshwater. It is made of proteins (at 65%), vitamins, mineral salts, carbohydrates, pigments, trace elements and fatty acid. Spirulina has a high beta carotene and other carotenoids content just as vitamin B12. This composition so special has demonstrated many times its therapeutical virtues.

This informative website has for objective to present all Algorigin Spirulina Benefits including its composition and to displays various information on the Algorigin brand.

Biorigin Farm of the Algorigin Products

Spirulina that is present in Algorigin products are cultivated in the Biorigin farm, a Swiss society set up in Equator, at the feet of the Andes Cordillera. This exploitation was created by two brothers: François and Philippe Haldemann. François is an agricultural engineer specialized in special cultures. Philippe has managed many farms in Equator. The combination of their skills has permitted the set up a farm particularly innovative for the high quality spirulina production.
The spirulina culture first tests have started in 1995. After having tested and polish during one year many productions modes of spirulina into pilot basins, they decided to launch a large scale production in the Cayambe area, at 2500 meters in altitude on a site profiting of exceptional sun conditions for the cultivation of spirulina.

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